Baby Paige

I just finished this sweet girl’s gallery yesterday and could not be more happy!  Paige was just a perfect angel for us.  And of course, my favorites are the snuggles at the end.  I’ve started to wrap up all my newborn sessions with just hanging out on my love seat.  No posing, no real direction.  Just be with your baby…look at her, kiss her.  This is everything.  xoxo

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Jensen Maternity Session

I met this gorgeous family at Knox Farms a few weeks ago when the spring weather decided to peek through.  Not only are they just beautiful people, with the sweetest hearts, but Violet.  Gosh…that girl.  Talking and running and just so excited to explore the park.  I think this session was special because this is also where they were married.

When I was editing their session I could not help but feel the love from them.  I felt I had no words that could appropriately caption what I was seeing.  So I turned to the poet Rumi…

“Close your eyes.  Fall in love.  Stay there.”



Leo’s 1st Birthday

Oh..this guy!  Could not be any cuter.  And just the sweetest parents that I love so much.  Leo came to me just after my mentoring session with Ashley Hill and I was so excited to meet him.  I saw him again for his Christmas pictures and then he came over for his 1st Birthday!  I started offering these all inclusive sessions for milestones….we do a little bit of the Birthday guys, a little bit of a family session and then the cake smash.  I had so much fun with them, and want to do more!

Happy Birthday Leo!  You are one of my favorites for sure!  xoxo

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Amelia & Cecelia

These girls have been coming to me for a while now.  And I think this might have been my favorite session with them.  Because they know…it’s pretty outfits and a dance party at Miss Katie’s.  Thank you Stephanie for always supporting me!  I am honored and lucky to call you a friend.  xoxo


Baby Kenzie

My first girl in a long, long line of boys.  She was so sweet. But what I will remember most about this session was that love that I could see and feel from her parents.  How much they loved their baby girl and how much they loved each other.  I know I’ve said it before, but I just don’t know how I get so lucky to work with some amazing families.

Welcome Kenzie….You are so loved.

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Cocoa Beach 2017

Each February we get to escape the cold and snow of Buffalo and head south to Florida.  I know we are VERY fortunate because my parents have a little place there…and if they didn’t we probably would be able to do it annually.  We look forward to so many things when we are down there…

Walks to Cash park, Ice cream at the Fat Donkey, Slow & Low BBQ, the beach, rocket launches, frisbee catch…simply put…being outside.  This year I made a promise to myself to really document our time.  One for learning, practicing and growing, but also for just investing in our own memories.  So I have edited a bunch, and still have more to do.  This project is ongoing but I’ll share a few here.

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