Leo’s 1st Birthday

Oh..this guy!  Could not be any cuter.  And just the sweetest parents that I love so much.  Leo came to me just after my mentoring session with Ashley Hill and I was so excited to meet him.  I saw him again for his Christmas pictures and then he came over for his 1st Birthday!  I started offering these all inclusive sessions for milestones….we do a little bit of the Birthday guys, a little bit of a family session and then the cake smash.  I had so much fun with them, and want to do more!

Happy Birthday Leo!  You are one of my favorites for sure!  xoxo

leofb1leofb2leofb3leofb4leofb5CK7A6925 copyCK7A7097 copyCK7A7134bCK7A7444 copyCK7A7643 copyCK7A7884 copyCK7A8096 copyCK7A8312 copyCK7A8509 copyCK7A8615 copyCK7A8626 copyCK7A7298 copy


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