Cocoa Beach 2017

Each February we get to escape the cold and snow of Buffalo and head south to Florida.  I know we are VERY fortunate because my parents have a little place there…and if they didn’t we probably would be able to do it annually.  We look forward to so many things when we are down there…

Walks to Cash park, Ice cream at the Fat Donkey, Slow & Low BBQ, the beach, rocket launches, frisbee catch…simply put…being outside.  This year I made a promise to myself to really document our time.  One for learning, practicing and growing, but also for just investing in our own memories.  So I have edited a bunch, and still have more to do.  This project is ongoing but I’ll share a few here.

CK7A2654CK7A2433CK7A2409CK7A2343CK7A2328bCK7A2257CK7A2162CK7A2130CK7A1924CK7A1892CK7A1878bCK7A1834CK7A1825CK7A1812CK7A1800CK7A1625CK7A1591CK7A1583CK7A1540CK7A1522CK7A1485CK7A1468CK7A1455CK7A1449CK7A1322aCK7A1289CK7A1255CK7A1227CK7A1134CK7A1125CK7A1071CK7A1048CK7A0982CK7A0823CK7A0768 copy


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