Rory & Elliott are 1!

Kim is one of my favorite people on this earth.  She started as a trainer at my gym, and quickly became a friend and someone who has supported me all along in this adventure of mine.  A year ago, after my newborn mentoring session, I came home to do Rory & Elliott’s newborn session.  Kim and Andy were so wonderful to trust me to document such a special time in their lives.  Well, now here we are a year later!  This session was on the books for a while and I could not wait!  I am so in love with Kim’s vision and how it all turned out.

CK7A0018 copyCK7A0207 copyCK7A0307 copyCK7A0535 copyCK7A0564 copyCK7A0639 copyCK7A8550 copyCK7A8622 copyCK7A8790 copyCK7A8877 copyCK7A8908 copyCK7A8946 copyCK7A8969 copyCK7A9001 copyCK7A9017 copyCK7A9039 copyCK7A9116 copyCK7A9260 copyCK7A9382 copyCK7A9425 copyCK7A9644 copyCK7A9715 copyCK7A9931 copyCK7A9977 copyCK7A9982 copyCK7A9999 copy


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