Andrew & Alana…One Year Later

It was about a year ago that I met Alana, and her newborn brother, Andrew.  She was quiet, but I knew she had a big personality inside.  Andrew was a beautiful baby, with dark  and soulful eyes.  When their Mom called me to schedule their birthday sessions, I couldn’t wait to see how much they had grown.  I loved that Mom dressed them in summer outfits and flip-flops.  I agree that it’s important to think about what they will be wearing when the images will be hanging in your home all year round.  I am obsessed with the beach, and I find that the images that I choose to print are the boys at the beach in swim trunks, or another warm location with their “handsome” shirts on.

Alana is 5 and was super chatty this time.  I still could not get enough of her beautiful eyes!  Andrew was moving back and forth and just loved the sound he could make on the background paper.  I’m so fortunate to be able to do something that I love so much and meet amazing families along the way.  Enjoy!  ~ Katie



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