The Ruckdaschel Family

This sweet family reminded me a lot of “us.”  Dad is a big outdoorsman who seemed totally at peace walking through this amazing property scouting for animals with his son.  Mom had just given birth a couple of weeks before, and was so calm and loving with her sweet new baby girl.  She truly struck me as beautiful and glowing the entire session.  We did a little combination of a newborn and a family session and I think it was perfect.  Enjoy!  ~ Katie

hillaryfb2 hilaryfb4 hilaryfb1 hilary19 hilaryfb5_edited-2 hilaryfb5 hilaryfb10 hilaryfb11 hilaryfb12 hilaryfb17 hilaryfb18 hilaryfb23 hilaryfb24 hilaryfb25 hilaryfb13 hilaryfb19 hilaryfn16 hillaryfb3 hilaryfb7 hilaryfb8 hilaryfb9 hilaryfb15 hilaryfb20 hilaryfb21 hilaryfb14 hilaryfb6 hilaryfb22


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