Ashlee, Graycee & Dave

These three were absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to hang out with.  The week was cold and miserable, but broke for a few short hours for us to spend some time together.  I’m so glad it worked out because I am in love with this session.  Ashlee asked for a simple, laid-back session…something that matched who they are.  I think these capture them perfectly.  Enjoy! ~ Katie

ashleefb23 ashleefb22 ashleefb21 ashleefb20 ashleefb19 ashleefb18 ashleefb17 ashleefb16 ashleefb15 ashleefb14 ashleefb13 ashleefb12 ashleefb11 ashleefb10 ashleefb9 ashleefb8 ashleefb7 ashleefb6 ashleefb5 ashleefb4 ashleefb3 ashleefb2 ashleefb1


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