August Babies & Brothers

Abe & Eli are brothers who share the same birthday month…almost the same day!  Abe is turning 3 and Eli is turning 1.  They were such good boys, both with amazing smiles and personality.  And Eli had no problem sharing some of his birthday cake at the end of his session with his big brother.  I can’t wait to see these two again!  Enjoy ~ Katie

abefb1 abefb2

abefb3 abefb4

abefb5 abefb6

abefb7 abefb8

abefb9 elifb1

elifb3 elifb4

elifb5 elifb6

elifb7 elifb8

elifb9 elifb10

elifb11 elifb12

elifb13 blog10

blog9 blog8 blog7

blog6 blog5

blog4 blog3

blog2 blog1


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