Violet’s First Birthday

I had the pleasure of taking baby pictures of Violet last year, so I was excited when her mom wanted first year pictures taken!  She is just so adorable and I was completely obsessed with her curls.  We couldn’t get her to smile in her formal wear, but when we put on her Chuck Taylors, she was one happy baby!  Enjoy!  ~Katie

IMG_5311_edited-1 IMG_4799_edited-1 IMG_4845_edited-1 IMG_4875_edited-1 IMG_4906_edited-1 IMG_4951_edited-1 IMG_4958_edited-1 IMG_4966_edited-1 IMG_4980_edited-2 IMG_4992_edited-1 IMG_5077_edited-1 IMG_5084_edited-1 IMG_5096_edited-1 IMG_5148_edited-2 IMG_5156_edited-1 IMG_5315_edited-1 IMG_5340_edited-1 IMG_5344_edited-1 IMG_5372_edited-1 IMG_5431_edited-1 IMG_5435_edited-1 IMG_5439_edited-1 IMG_5475_edited-1 IMG_5479_edited-1


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