Katie & Alex | Maternity Session

was outside all day today in this 19* weather!  My son started snowboarding last week and loved it.  So we were back at it again today.  I was worried with the dark clouds and frigid temps during his lesson.  But when we got home, the clouds broke and the beautiful sunshine came out…just in time for me to meet this beautiful couple.  It was still cold, but the park was quiet, calm and full of sunlight.  They are expecting twins VERY soon… and I cannot wait to meet them.  Enjoy!  ~Katie

IMG_2760_edited-1 IMG_2780_edited-1 IMG_2743_edited-1 IMG_2740_edited-2 IMG_2740_edited-1 IMG_2737_edited-1 IMG_2729_edited-2 IMG_2725_edited-1 IMG_2720_edited-1 IMG_2710_edited-2 IMG_2710_edited-1 IMG_2702_edited-2 IMG_2694_edited-c2 IMG_2694_edited-c1 IMG_2694_edited-2 IMG_2690_edited-1 IMG_2681_edited-2 IMG_2679_edited-1 IMG_2678_edited-1 IMG_2666_edited-1 IMG_2661_edited-c2 IMG_2658_edited-1 IMG_2657_edited-2


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